Cybersecurity services for firms and professionals

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, data security has become an essential priority for law firms and professionals. Threats to business continuity and compliance with privacy regulations are daily challenges that require a prompt and effective response. With over twenty years of experience alongside leading professional firms, Lanpartners offers cutting-edge cybersecurity services to protect your activities, your sensitive data and that of your customers.

Cyberattack in the legal sector

2023 was a record year for security incidents, with 2,779 serious attacks globally, a 12% increase compared to 2022. In Italy, we saw a 65% increase in serious attacks compared to the previous year, with 56% of these having critical or high severity consequences. This data highlights an alarming trend and highlights the importance of a robust cybersecurity strategy [1].

Furthermore, recent attacks on prominent law firms, such as the one suffered by Allen & Overy in 2023 [2], on the Grande Stevens firm in Italy in 2022 [3], and on 11 other firms globally [4], further demonstrate the cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the legal sector, which finds itself completely unprepared for such scenarios.

These incursions not only cause operational interruptions lasting several days, but above all undermine customer trust, making cybersecurity activity an indispensable investment for protection current and future growth.

Our cybersecurity services

  • Threat Intelligence: Proactive analyzes to identify and neutralize threats before they become a risk.‍
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Detailed assessments to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities in your systems.‍
  • Active Directory Security Posture Analysis: We examine the configuration and security of your Active Directories to prevent access unauthorized.‍
  • Email Security: Advanced protection for your email communications, vital against threats such as phishing and malware.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security Review: In-depth analysis to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure and compliant with regulations.
  • IT Infrastructure Security Review: Comprehensive IT infrastructure security reviews to prevent attacks and data loss.
  • Penetration Test: Cyber ​​attack simulations to test the resilience of your systems.
  • Phishing Attack Simulation: Phishing attack simulations to assess the awareness and preparedness of your staff.

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