The trusted technological partner at the service of your business.

“No matter how advanced a technology may be, it will always be people who make the difference.”

This is our belief and it is the reason why we have created the first "Conciergerie" service linked to the world of Information Technology: IT CONCIERGE® a new vision of help-desk, based on people, which allows professionals to stay focused on their own business.

Clients and Projects

The main reasons why clients choose and recommend us


Greater productivity
Turnkey IT service: the client remains focused on their business. We manage the entire IT process with an all-inclusive service at a flat rate, guaranteeing enterprise-level solutions to all those companies that have always thought they couldn't afford it.


Attention to details
In the world of hospitality, details are the elements that make the difference. We strongly believe that even in IT assistance, attention to details is fundamental.“The difference between something good and something great is attention to details” (C.R. Swindoll)


Privacy and Security
The confidentiality with which we process our clients' data and the care in keeping them always monitored and protected are the drivers of every decision. Thanks to our GDPR compliant solutions you can rest assured that your data and those of your customers will always be safe.


We speak your language
Being for over 20 years along side our clients, terms such as "URGENT", "electronic civil trial", "European budget", "iManage", "Sharepoint", "Xlege", "lawyer console", "electronic desktop", "electronic tax proceedings" are our daily bread.


Prompt responses
In the last 4 years, 98.7% of requests arriving at our support address have been responded to within 4 hours of receipt. In blocking cases the percentage rises to 100%. Our help desk is able to recognize real emergencies and act rapidly for resolution.


Prevention is better than cure
We firmly believe in the constant monitoring of systems in order to detect in real time any anomalies and intervene before they can degenerate into blocking problems for the business. Everything is managed via an app that sends alerts to your mobile phone.

Over twenty years of experience as technological partners of leading Italian and international professional firms

Alongside customers not as simple consultants but as partners. We take care of making everything that revolves around Information Technology work so that the professional can stay focused on their business and we'll take care of the rest.

Years of experience
Customer satisfaction
Completed projects

Our tailor-made services

IT Concierge®

In luxury environments the concierge makes the guest's experience better by taking care of their wishes and needs. With the same spirit we created the first "Conciergerie" service linked to Information Technology: a modern help desk, based on people, which allows the professional to stay focused on their business, Lanpartners takes care of the technology.

IT Consulting

Our consultancy idea is to become a partner of your business and not a simple supplier. We support customers in choosing and using the most suitable technologies for their type of structure. We have the firm belief that technological innovation must bring a competitive advantage with tangible repercussions and implications in everyday work.

IT Training

"Power is nothing without control" (Y&R - 1994). Any technology, no matter how innovative, loses its effectiveness if you are not able to use it in the appropriate way and to its full potential. For this reason we believe in targeted training on the correct use of IT tools, especially for more operational figures such as staff and secretaries.

Clients say about us

Luca Arnaboldi

Managing Partner

"Key Support Partners"
I have known Nicola and Stefano for over twenty years, always available and trustworthy professionals. Lanpartners is the key support partner in achieving our vision of technological innovation for Carnelutti Law Firm.

Maurizio Delfino

Founding Partner

"Attention to details"
Characteristic of Lanpartners is their attention to details, their intelligent proactive ability, the timeliness of their interventions, their accuracy, courtesy and patience. They are an excellent partner for a studio that chooses to be technologically cutting-edge.

Stefano Mele

Partner, Head of CyberSec.

"Constant presence and availability"
Competence, courtesy and above all constant presence and availability make Lanpartners a strategic partner for every success.

Tommaso Ferrario

Founding Partner

“Never a fault, 100% availability”
The start of smartworking activities was the litmus test to test the Studio's network and the stability of the accesses of thirty professionals spread everywhere. Never a fault, 100% availability, data security and surprising ease of use! Thank you guys! Great Work!

Andrea Perron Cabus

Managing Partner

"Careful to understand the needs"
Lanpartners has proven to be a technological partner capable of satisfying our IT needs, always attentive to understanding the needs of the firm's professionals, proposing solutions capable of improving our operations.

Matteo Grassi

Founding Partner

"Customized solutions"
Lanpartners approached the digital transformation of our firm with seriousness and competence, helping us to identify the solutions best suited to our needs. Added to the accuracy of  the initial assessment was the efficiency and availability with which support is provided to more than 50 users on three different locations.

Andrea Puccio

Founding Partner

"Deep knowledge of the sector"
We are very satisfied with Lanpartners: great professionalism and deep knowledge of the sector.

Giuseppe Trevisani

Founding Partner

"Technological paradise"
Lanpartners has transformed our firm into a technological paradise, constantly monitored and updated according to the most modern safety standards.

Sebastiano Stufano

Founding Partner

"Ready to face challenges"
In the many years of collaboration with Lanpartners, we have been able to appreciate the professional accuracy and the constant search for technological solutions that, on the one hand, guarantee the maximum security of our data and, on the other hand, to accompany the law firm in the path of digital innovation, thanks to which today we feel ready to face the challenges that the sudden changes in the profession and contemporary history impose.

Sergio Sottocasa

Tax Partner

"Very quick resolution"
We have been using LP's assistance, consultancy and support services for some time now, and we have had the opportunity to appreciate their considerable competence and professional seriousness. One aspect in particular that struck us positively is the extreme timeliness of their interventions in the event of urgent problems, which allows them to be resolved very quickly.

Enrico Tarchi

Managing Partner

"Competence and efficiency"
Lanpartners follows the organization and IT assistance activity of our International Firm with great professionalism, competence and efficiency, also proposing innovative solutions to support our business.

Alessandra Carbone

Interior Designer & Partner

"Very quick in emergencies"
We have been working with Lanpartners for several years and have always had a very good experience: they are very quick in responding to emergencies, competent and available in everyday life.

Massimo Prati

Engineer & Partner

"Better and safer solutions"
Lanpartners has always been the trusted consultant to whom we can entrust the design of our IT infrastructure. The advice aimed at having an excellent price/performance ratio has had, in more than 20 years of collaboration, the indisputable advantage of always making us choose the best and safest solutions. What we like is the professional and competent approach in every situation.

Gian Luca Cortesi

IT Manager

"Right attention to real details"
We have found a reliable, helpful, and above all competent Partner with the right attention to real details. With Lanpartners we have completely restructured our networking, weighing the costs/benefits of the various opportunities and giving priority to the real needs of the company. Everything was managed without overestimated offers but with targeted solutions focused on what was really needed.

Our solutions to make you always work at your best

Work productively

Thanks to Microsoft 365 solutions your business can be productive and flexible.

  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Sharepoint
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange
Work smart

Working smart is the new standard. With our solutions you can do it easily.

  • Teams
  • Zoom
  • Citrix Sharefile
  • 3CX
  • Cloud Solution
Work safely

Security first: at home, in the office and in the cloud, your data will be accessible and protected.

  • Networking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Security
  • Backup & DR
  • Device management

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We want to offer you a different technology experience. You’ll have premium IT support from a reliable partner on hand whenever you need it. Whether you want a person or a whole project team, for short or long-term commitments, simplify your life and trust us.